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SACNA is a peer-credentialed association of psychologists in South Africa, who aim to promote and stimulate interest in the field of neuropsychology, while maintaining standards in neuropsychological practice. This is achieved by ensuring that its full members have demonstrated knowledge and competence in the field, by way of examination and peer review.

In addition, SACNA's intention is to promote the professional development of clinical neuropsychology in South Africa,

  • through encouraging participation in training and CPD activities,
  • through maintaining regular meetings at regional levels attended by psychologists and related professionals,
  • through hosting a national bi-annual conference, and
  • through liaising and consulting with the HPCSA Professional Board for Psychology, and other bodies pertinent to the practice of neuropsychology in South Africa.

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Wishing all SACNA members a happy, healthy and successful 2022. 

We have received CPD accreditation for the following:

Book course

From January 2022 registration for the new book course opens. 12 General CPD points have been awarded for The Principles and Practices of Forensic Psychology and Related Professions by S Badenhorst (Chapters 1-8, 10 and 12). All questionnaires need to be in by end August 2022.


23 February Neurosurgeon, Dr J Enslin, will present on psychosurgery

20 April        Neuroradiology of Acute Stroke Imaging by neuroradiologist, Dr Z Vawda

25 May         Research psychologist, Phenyo Motswai, will share her findings on her research into the neuropsychological profile of HIV.


Please diarise the SACNA conference on 12-15 October 2022 in Cape Town. We are looking forward to sharing our programme.

CPD -HPCSA Online CPD Portal Changes

Please be aware of the following changes, which will take effect on 1 February 2022:

HPCSA CPD certificates will no longer be issued to HPCSA professionals. After each activity service providers will complete a template  and send it to the HPCSA for capturing points. 

The new process will then automatically upload the accredited CPD activity points to the HPCSA medical professionals’ profile.

The new process relieves professionals of the effort of keeping track of certificates by allowing automatic updates to your cpd points directly to the HPCSA.

SACNA members will, however, still have the option of downloading CPD certificates from their profiles on the SACNA website. 

News Feed 

Signing of a memorandum of understanding between SACNA and FESN  

The South African Clinical Neuropsychological Association (SACNA) has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Federation of European Societies of Neuropsychology in order to express the intention to collaborate on a voluntary basis by sharing information in the areas of common interest. Both are looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship that will grow over time. 

5th FESN Autumn School 2022

The FESN will organize its 5th Neuropsychology School to be held at the Freie Universität Berlin from 22 to 25 August 2022 (Local Organizers: Professor Michael Niedeggen and Ina Nordwald). The school is aimed at graduate students in their final years of PhD, or early post-docs, as well as clinicians at a comparable level of their career.

Check the website for more information.

Their 8th Scientific Meeting has been postponed until September 27-29 2023 in Thessaloniki, Greece.



HPCSA Neuropsychology Register

We are very pleased to be able to report to you that a milestone for South African Neuropsychology has been attained during early-July, 2020:

The Register for the category of Neuropsychology has finally been opened, and has begun to be populated with the first cohort of practitioners, via the “grandpersoning” process.

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To register for the SACNA credentialling examination click here

To view the reading list, please go the Credentialing page.


The credentialling process consists of two parts: a knowledge exam and a process of peer reviewing of independently prepared case reports.

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