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SACNA is a peer-credentialed association of psychologists in South Africa, who aim to promote and stimulate interest in the field of neuropsychology, while maintaining standards in neuropsychological practice. This is achieved by ensuring that its full members have demonstrated knowledge and competence in the field, by way of examination and peer review.

In addition, SACNA's intention is to promote the professional development of clinical neuropsychology in South Africa,

  • through encouraging participation in training and CPD activities,
  • through maintaining regular meetings at regional levels attended by psychologists and related professionals,
  • through hosting a national bi-annual conference, and
  • through liaising and consulting with the HPCSA Professional Board for Psychology, and other bodies pertinent to the practice of neuropsychology in South Africa.

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We have some exciting plans for 2022:

- Our new book course Principles and Practices of Forensic Psychology & Other Related Professions edited by Stefanie Badenhorst opens in January 2022

- Due to the success of our online webinars, we have decided to keep these as a SACNA offering in 2022. We have a variety of topics awaiting CPD accreditation. More news to follow soon. 

- A full in-person 12th SACNA conference will take place from 5-8 October 2022 at the Waterfront Breakwater Lodge in Cape Town. Watch this space for more details.

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This MCQ is based on Chapter 11 (authored by Dr Frances Hemp and Tania Pomario) in Stefanie Badenhorst: Principles and Practices of Forensic Psychology & Other Related Professions  Juta 2020.

Course Fees: R450 for SACNA members & R650 for SACNA non-members.

The aim of setting an MCQ course on this chapter is to provide information on the rights of patients and the responsibilities of professionals when carrying out a neuropsychological assessment in the medicolegal context. The chapter covers obtaining authorisation (template provided), payment arrangements and fees, the ethical principles in obtaining informed consent, dual relationships, breaching confidentiality, the use of interpreters/psychometrists, the competency of the neuropsychologist, over-testing and protecting the integrity of neuropsychological tests.

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Online Webinars

We have one more weibnar left for 2021:

24 Nov Dr L Vlok, Neurologist - Sightless Vision

1 CPD point per meeting. Free to all HPCSA registered healthcare providers. R100 per webinar for non-members who would like to receive a CPD certificate. 

You can read more on each topic on the COVID-19 moves regional SACNA meetings to national webinars article on Brainwaves. 

Meetings are open to HPCSA registered healthcare providers only. 


HPCSA Neuropsychology Register

We are very pleased to be able to report to you that a milestone for South African Neuropsychology has been attained during early-July, 2020:

The Register for the category of Neuropsychology has finally been opened, and has begun to be populated with the first cohort of practitioners, via the “grandpersoning” process.

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To register for the SACNA credentialling examination click here

To view the reading list, please go the Credentialing page.

Neuropsychological Assessment in the Medicolegal Context

R650.00 for Non Member
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Neuropsychological Assessment in the Medicolegal Context.

R450.00 for Full member, Associate member, Subscriber member and Student member
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The credentialling process consists of two parts: a knowledge exam and a process of peer reviewing of independently prepared case reports.

R250.00 for Full member, Associate member and Subscriber member
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