• Spreading knowledge and skills to those interested in clinical neuropsychology;
  • Identifying and providing a body of individuals competent to advise on the teaching of neuropsychology and professional matters pertaining to it;
  • Fostering and encouraging the development of training facilities for clinical neuropsychology;
  • Encouraging international cooperation in neuropsychology and
  • Supporting unitary and democratic healthcare in South Africa.
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A Neuropsychologist can assist in the diagnosis and treatment of brain related problems, such as memory disorders, attention deficits, dyslexia, impaired reasoning and the like. neuropsychologist A neuropsychologist can also contribute to the diagnosis and treatment of emotional problems due to brain dysfunction. For a list of accredited Neuropsychology Service providers in your area, please click here

In order to maintain international standards of practice in the field, SACNA has established a credentialing process directed to registration as a Full Member of the association. SACNA Full membership is a peer-recognised indication of expertise in neuropsychology, and is well respected by medical physicians, mental health practitioners, allied professionals, and medico-legal experts.

Full members of SACNA are all psychologists who have been registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa for a minimum of 2 years and who have demonstrated minimum levels of competence in the field of neuropsychology, via successful completion of an entrance examination and submission of several practical clinical reports for evaluation by the Credentialing Committee.

Ms. Annelies Cramer - President
Dr. Sharon Truter - President-Elect; CPD
Mr. Elton Bloye - Past President
Dr. Menachem Mazabow - Treasurer
Dr. Frances Hemp - Secretary; Credentialing
Prof. Ann Edwards - Research
Rita Du Plessis - Member
Dr June Rossi - Member

Gauteng – Ms Bronwyn Wood
Western Cape - Dr. Frances Hemp
KwaZulu Natal - Dr. Karl Swain
Free State – Dr Mariske Pienaar
North West - Ms. Doret Kirsten