Categories of Membership

Full member - For more details on Full Membership click here

Full members undergo a rigorous certification process to establish their competence in the practice of clinical neuropsychology. Full membership is a sought after category of membership that confers professional advantages to the holder of the title. Subscription Fee: R1045.00 per annum

Associate member - To register as an Associate member, click here

This category is open to all registered psychologists with an interest in clinical neuropsychology. Associate membership does not imply any expertise in neuropsychology. Subscription Fee: R780.00 per annum

Subscriber member - To register as a Subscriber member, click here

Open to professionals with an interest in neuropsychology. This membership category caters for non-psychologists in related fields such as neurology, neurosurgery, occupational therapy, physical medicine and rehabilitation, physiotherapy, psychiatry, and speech therapy. Subscription Fee: R395.00 per annum

Student member - To register as a Student member, click here

University students (under or postgraduate) registered in any Faculty with an interest in neuropsychology. Proof of registration at a university is required. Student membership is not offered to persons completing doctoral degrees, who are required to join as associate or subscriber members. Subscription Fee: R360.00 per annum

Life member

Life membership is conferred on members in honour of their contribution to SACNA and the field of neuropsychology in South Africa. Life membership cannot be requested and is only granted rarely to persons selected by the executive committee.


Membership runs anually from January to December of each year and is due for renewal on 1 January of each annum. Existing members can click here to renew their membership.


Benefits of Membership

  • Being informed of relevant issues relating to neuropsychology in South Africa and internationally.
  • Being provided with information about upcoming conferences, workshops, lectures, and training opportunities for CPD purposes.
  • Being permitted to attend regional meetings (currently being run online) at no additional cost.
  • Being eligible for discounted prices at all SACNA educational initiatives.
  • Access to the Brainwaves newsletter blog.
  • Collective bargaining power with statutory bodies such as the Professional Board of Psychology and the HPCSA

There are additional benefits to having SACNA Full Membership. For more information – click here.